We pay you to reduce your Carbon footprint

Make sustainability profitable and engage with your customers, and employees to reduce their and your carbon footprint by taking actions.

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kg of CO2 reduced

Track your carbon footprint

Most people don’t know how much carbon they emit in daily life, and they have no idea that they can make a radical difference just with a few small changes.

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Reduce your footprint

When you see how much you can save, it’s tempting to keep going – and save more. Our users find that they walk and cycle more, and drive less, after installing the app.
Civic Life

Earning Koras

For every kilogram of CO2 you cut down, you’ll earn a Kora.

Everything you earn Koras for, you can do. And you’re doing a lot of them already.

Spending Koras

You can keep track of your Kora balance in your wallet, send and accept payments from other Kora users, and spend them in the Kora marketplace.

Offsetting your footprint

Sometimes it’s unavoidable: you’re going to emit carbon. And you can offset it with a range of subscription plans – which earn you even more Koras.

Kora Sustainability - Offsetting Illustration, Planting a tree

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