The Unseen Carbon Footprint: A Dive Into the Environmental Impact of Startups and Corporations

With the escalating climate crisis, the role of businesses in mitigating environmental damage has become more significant than ever. However, startling statistics reveal a concerning trend: a vast majority of venture capital-backed UK startups have taken little to no action to measure or offset their carbon emissions. This article delves into the subject, presenting the […]

Upgrading Our Economic System: Moving Beyond GDP to Address Climate Crisis

As we navigate the 21st century, the tension between economic growth and environmental sustainability has never been more palpable. Traditional measures of economic prosperity, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), have come under intense scrutiny for their failure to consider the environmental and social implications of growth. The question that arises is whether it’s possible […]

Radical Collaboration: The Key to Combating Climate and Biodiversity Crisis

Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the most pressing issues of our time. They are complex, interconnected, and require a global response. One approach that has proven effective in addressing these challenges is radical collaboration. This article explores what radical collaboration is, why it’s necessary, and how it can be implemented to combat […]

The Power of Personal Climate Leadership

In 2000 bp the giant oil & gas company launched a climate campaign that won a laudatory advertising award, a “Gold Effie.” The campaign impressed upon the American public that a different type of pollution, is also your problem, not the problem of oil & gas industry. BP hired the public relations professionals Ogilvy & Mather to promote […]

ESG: Driving Climate Action or Facilitating Corporate Greenwashing?

Driving action against climate change has become a significant focus for companies across the globe. The rise of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors has been instrumental in this. However, as ESG becomes more mainstream, concerns about its effectiveness and potential misuse are surfacing. Are these strategies genuinely driving climate action, or are they merely […]

Let’s Be Honest About Climate Change

The climate crisis is not just caused by corporations or governments. It’s our personal choices demanding carbon-intensive lifestyles. Lately I see a growing discussion pushing more and more responsibility on corporates and major polluters for GHG emissions. The facts are simple, the big 5 (including aramco ) oil giants are directly GHG responsible to an incredible amount […]

Methane Super-Emitter Events: An Unseen Threat to Our Climate

Methane, an invisible and odourless gas, is wreaking havoc on our climate. This potent greenhouse gas, primarily released by oil and gas industries, agriculture sectors and waste, poses a dire threat to our environment. The primary culprits are super-emitter events — immense methane leaks that can release harmful gas into the atmosphere for weeks due […]

How Does The Media’s Negative Coverage of Climate Change Affect Individuals’ Inactions?

The predominant media narrative around climate change tends to focus heavily on apocalyptic warnings, dire impacts, and doom-and-gloom scenarios. A growing body of research suggests this type of negative framing can promote apathy, denial, and inaction among citizens and policymakers. The The Guardian suggests that based on as study made in Norway, Anger is the most powerful […]

The Climate Conundrum: Understanding the Gap Between Concern and Action

As the world grapples with the escalating climate crisis, a recent survey conducted by YouGov across seven European nations reveals an intriguing paradox: while most citizens are deeply concerned about climate change, their readiness to adopt significant lifestyle changes to combat it remains disappointingly low. Climate Change Concerns Across Europe Understanding the Context The YouGov […]

British Small Businesses to Have Dedicated One-Stop Shop to Go Green & Save Money

The UK government has launched the UK Business Climate Hub, a one-stop-shop designed to help Britain’s 5.5 million SMEs save on their energy bills while reducing their carbon emissions. This initiative comes as part of the government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions and empowering small businesses to play a leading role in the transition to […]