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Automate the measurement of your employees' commuting, business & logistical travel. Promoting carbon emission reduction , through incentives.

KORA empowers your business:

KORA provides verifiable emission tracking. This is particularly significant for your business, given the EU Parliament’s approval of the CSDR mandate, impacting 50,000 companies by introducing environmental reporting for Scope 3 emissions. We achieve this by incentivising employees with KORA tokens. The tokens can be redeemed in KORA’s sustainability focused reward hub.

Through Scope 3 emissions reduction, your business can enhance its reputation, reduce staff turnover, attract new customers, and lower expenses. Several studies reveal that:

  • 70% of employees prefer companies that adopt sustainable practices.

  • 94% of consumers display greater loyalty to transparent companies regarding their environmental and social impact.

  • 60% of investors express intentions to increase investments in sustainability-focused enterprises.