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Building a global movement for sustainability management

KORA is bringing together market-leading companies that share our vision for a brighter future through sustainable development goals, collective action and rewards.

Strategic Partners

Supported by the best business sustainability & strategic partners in the industry

UN Action Week Campaign

KORA has been a proud partner of the UN Action Week Campaign since 2022. This year, we are working together to activate a global community into promoting sustainability management through the Unite To Act campaign.


Thanks to the Tezos blockchain, our efforts in reducing carbon emissions are logged securely and transparently. Tezos is one of the lowest-emitting open-source blockchains (validated by PWC, 2021) that enables peer-to-peer transactions and supports smart contract deployment, using a proof-of-stake consensus.

Global Association of Montessori Education & Sports (GAMES)

KORA is teaming up with GAMES to empower youth climate heroes through skill development, education about reducing carbon emissions and participating in local climate sustainable initiatives. They are a respected leader in education reform, and we are delighted to have such inspirational and innovative allies. Welcome to KORA kids!


OWOW, based in Eindhoven, has been an essential partner in bringing KORA’s vision to life through the development of the KORA app. No matter the size of your business, you can use sustainable initiatives to demonstrate leadership with real action that gives real benefits. As your customers reduce carbon emissions, we transfer the greatest possible discounts to them.

Rewards Hub Partners

We are excited to offer any business championing sustainability the opportunity to join our Rewards Hub and take advantage of the many benefits

Businesses of all sizes working on their sustainable development goals can join us and access KORA’s community of climate heroes within our Rewards Hub.

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