The Sustainability Gap: The Urgent Need for Outsourcing in an Eco-conscious Era

Amidst the pressing urgency of climate change, businesses worldwide are grappling with the profound need to incorporate sustainability into their practices. However, a significant issue lies in the scarcity of in-house sustainability experts. This absence has led a majority of companies to consider outsourcing their sustainability reporting and planning. With financial repercussions looming for those […]

Harnessing the Power of Unified Sustainability Reporting Standards

In a world striving for sustainability, it’s no longer enough for companies to simply proclaim their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, and regulators, increasingly demand tangible evidence of progress towards sustainability goals. To meet this demand, numerous sustainability reporting standards have emerged, each with its unique focus […]

Eco Hero Lifestyle: Small Actions, Big Impacts

Kora Living: Small Actions, Big Impacts The escalating climate crisis has underscored the urgent need to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. However, the journey to sustainability is often perceived as a daunting task, reserved for those with ample resources and time. Contrary to this widespread belief, every individual can contribute to the fight against […]

The Premier League’s Sustainability Score: Are Big Clubs Doing Enough for the Planet?

With the intensifying urgency of climate change, industries across the globe are being challenged to re-evaluate their practices and take definitive steps towards sustainability. The football world is no exception. As the most-watched football league globally, the Premier League is under the spotlight. Are the giants of English football stepping up to the plate, or […]

The Changing Taste of Beer: A Bitter Climate Impact

The world’s third most consumed beverage after water and tea, beer, is facing a significant climate challenge. A recent spate of studies has highlighted how the intensifying effects of climate change are beginning to make the world’s favourite alcoholic drink a bit more bitter. The Bitter Truth about Hops The heart of the matter lies […]

The “Fast Tech” Crisis: Understanding the Urgent Need to Curb E-Waste

The rapid advancement of technology, coupled with the consumerist culture of constantly seeking the latest gadgets, has given rise to an alarming issue – the “Fast Tech” crisis. Much akin to the problem of “Fast Fashion”, the “Fast Tech” phenomenon is contributing to a mountain of electronic waste (E-waste) that presents a colossal challenge for […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Waste Reduction Strategies for a Sustainable Lifestyle

In the face of burgeoning environmental concerns, there is a growing urgency to adopt sustainable lifestyles. A significant part of this paradigm shift involves reducing waste and embracing zero-waste living. This article offers a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your journey towards a more sustainable and waste-free lifestyle.     1. Understanding Zero Waste […]

The United Kingdom’s Bold Step Towards a Greener Future: The Ban on Single-Use Plastics

In an effort to combat the growing environmental problem of plastic pollution, the United Kingdom has implemented a comprehensive ban on certain single-use plastic items. This legislation, which comes into effect from 1st of October 2023, has been widely welcomed by environmentalists and citizens alike. Yet, some believe that this is just the first step […]

The Unseen Carbon Footprint: A Dive Into the Environmental Impact of Startups and Corporations

With the escalating climate crisis, the role of businesses in mitigating environmental damage has become more significant than ever. However, startling statistics reveal a concerning trend: a vast majority of venture capital-backed UK startups have taken little to no action to measure or offset their carbon emissions. This article delves into the subject, presenting the […]