Kora puts a monetary value on carbon reduction, instead of on carbon production. A Kora is a reward for reducing your carbon footprint. One Kora represents one kilogram of carbon reduced. 

For years the carbon credits system struggled to reach the target value of at least $120 per 1 ton of carbon. In Europe, currently (February 2020) the price per 1 ton of carbon is about €20. 

Therefore, we have set the recommended value of a Kora at the equivalent of $135 per ton, and in order to avoid the political effects of pegging it to a single currency, we are pegging it to the SDR, a basket of primary currencies.

1 SDR = 10 Koras

1 Kora is 0.125 EUR, or 0.135 USD

The calculations come from one Kora being set at the same value as one SDR, which is an accounting unit created by the International Monetary Fund based on a basket of five currencies: US$, Euro, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, and the British pound.