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Our Operating Standards

We chose to work with organizations who commit to the

10 Principles of Fair Trade, as outlined by the World Fair Trade Organization

These principles include transparency and accountability, a commitment to fair prices and wages, refusal to use forced or child labor, respect for the environment, non-discrimination, providing capacity building, and creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.

Value of Dollar = CO2 Offset

Value of Dollar = CO2 Offset Our offsetting partners must guarantee a minimum amount of CO2 offset for each dollar donated.


The organization’s activities must be traceable, down to the individual tree that is planted, and the sources of the seed stock.


Carbon offsetting must be additional, therefore they would not have occurred in the absence of a market for offset credits.

Program Percentage

Our partner organizations have to ensure that a high proportion of their financial resources are dedicated to the project, and minimize financial waste through bureaucracy.

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