Data Partners
Help us track carbon emissions and reward your customers.

How it works

User Action
User uses your products or services
Data transfer to Kora app
Kora verifies that the action was completed and calculated CO2 emission.
Users are rewarded Koras for completing the sustainable action.
Users continue to use your services as they develop loyalty from rewards earned.

Why Partner with Kora?

Reach people interested in sustainability

Kora users are sustainably-minded as they are all working on reducing their carbon footprints. If you want to target a sustainably-minded audience, this is the perfect place for you.

Reward employees with Kora as bonuses

Give your staff an extra incentive, by paying out bonuses and rewards in Koras. Save money, and improve your company’s sustainability ratings.

Increase customer loyalty through Koras

Whether you offer Koras to your customers or accept Koras as payment, they will thank you and come back for more.

Establish your brand in the green community

Partnering with Kora demonstrates that you’re a sustainability leader, alongside future-thinking companies and customers who go the extra mile to live sustainably.

Drive traffic and sales

The promise of earning Koras will bring more customers to you, and improve your ARPU as people are rewarded for every purchase they make from you.

Get featured on our blog and social media

Promote your business with exclusive interviews and features on our blog and across our social media channels. Download the partner media pack, and you can announce We’re saving the world with Kora!

Interested in partnering?

Leave us a message and we will contact you.

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