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Kora is Earth’s Loyalty ProgramTM, rewarding you for behaving sustainably. We help you to see the impact of your personal carbon footprint in real time, so that you can take steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. And for every one of your sustainable activities, you earn points which can be spent online. You can compare your results with friends and with local, national and global averages and earn Koras for each sustainable action.

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You can redeem Koras at our marketplace and with our partners and participating businesses, and use them for transactions of all kinds with other Kora members.

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It is well known in many fields, from sports psychology to dog training to opera singing, that awareness of your performance is a necessary and powerful first step to changing it.

When Greta Thunberg says that we have 420 gigatons of carbon dioxide left in our CO2 budget and that we currently emit 42 gigatons of CO2 a year, does that make any sense to you? It doesn’t make sense to us either. It’s hard to make the connection between these abstract numbers and the impact of our personal actions. We believe that tracking our personal carbon footprints provides us with more clarity, empowering us with the ability to take the right steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Kora puts a monetary value on carbon reduction, instead of on carbon production. A Kora is a reward for reducing your carbon footprint. One Kora represents one kilogram of carbon reduced.

For years the carbon credits system struggled to reach the target value of at least $120 per 1 ton of carbon. In Europe, currently (February 2020) the price per 1 ton of carbon is about €20.

Therefore, we have set the recommended value of a Kora at the equivalent of $135 per ton, and in order to avoid the political effects of pegging it to a single currency, we are pegging it to the SDR, a basket of primary currencies.

1 SDR = 10 Koras

1 Kora is 0.125 EUR, or 0.135 USD

The calculations come from one Kora being set at the same value as one SDR, which is an accounting unit created by the International Monetary Fund based on a basket of five currencies: US$, Euro, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, and the British pound.

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No, using Kora doesn’t cost anything to use! We believe that you should get paid rather than pay to save the planet.

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Kora makes money through rewards partnerships with businesses. We will also offer carbon offsetting subscription and take a 1EUR fee on monthly contributions.

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If you experience a technical issue, please contact us at

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Set up & Usage

In order that we can calculate your footprint and reward you for reducing it, on your iPhone you should enable access to Apple Health, Location Tracking and Motion and Fitness tracking after you sign up with your email Kora app.

If you have not given consent for the tracking dialogs after signup you can also manually activate it in tracking. For this go to Settings > Health > Data > Kora and choose Allow Data for all categories (cycling distance, steps, walking + running distance). Enable location tracking by going to Settings > Confidentiality > Location Services > Kora and choosing Always Allow Location Services.

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