11 Simple Sustainable Actions You Can Take Today

11 Simple Sustainable Actions You Can Take Today

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are constantly bombarded with news about climate change. Although the problem seems so large, it actually starts with you. Your individual actions make a difference. 

Here are 11 simple and sustainable actions you can take:

Carpool for longer distances

Reduce your car usage by carpooling with a colleague on your regular commute or when traveling longer distances. An easy way to find people to share rides with is by using a ridesharing site such as Blablacar, Ridesharing.com, Kangaride, Waze, and GoKid.

Walk, cycle or ride electric scooters instead of taking the car

When traveling shorter distances, opt to walk or cycle rather than taking the car. Walking is great for your health and is definitely the most zero-carbon form of mobility. Cycling is also an easy way to exercise and get around quickly. If you don’t have a bike, try to see if you can use bike-sharing services – many cities offer services that allow you to rent bikes per trip or subscribe monthly for usage. Electric scooter companies have also been rising in popularity as the demand for short-distance travel solutions increases. 

Fun fact: Did you know that the CEO of Kora, Gilad, walks an average of 16,000 steps per day? Try to beat his record on the Kora app.

Take shorter showers

As much as we all love singing and contemplating in the shower, an easy way to reduce your water usage is by simply taking shorter showers. An easy way to cut back your shower time is by playing your favorite song out loud and trying to finish your shower before the song ends

Shop second hand and donate your clothes

Think twice the next time you want to buy new clothes. Instead of opting to buy brand new clothes, shop second hand so that you can give clothes a new life. Even better, you can also donate your old clothes to second-hand shops rather than throw them away to continue the reuse cycle.

Let your hair dry naturally

A simple way to save electricity is by letting your hair dry naturally. This is not only the greener option but also the healthier choice for your hair.

Use a reusable water bottle and bags

Reduce your usage of disposable plastic by using a reusable water bottle and bringing a reusable bag when shopping.

Avoid plastic straws

Fun fact: when you use a straw, you don’t taste the drink very well, because it bypasses the taste buds on your tongue! Straws weren’t invented to make drinks taste better. They were invented to make you drink them faster, and buy more. So say no to plastic straws and either drink the beverage without a straw or with your own reusable straw.

Eat meatless at least 1 day of the week

Go easy on yourself: start by picking just one day of the week to be meatless. And have fun with it! You can experiment by trying new vegetarian recipes and exploring different cuisines. Reducing meat consumption may seem daunting, but it can be a fun challenge to try different plant-based food. For example, Jamie’s favorite recipes are Tempeh Tacos with Cashew Lime Cream and Roasted Squash Rainbow Bowl

Buy only what you need to avoid wasting good food

When grocery shopping, try to be more conscious by going to the store with a list and buying only what you need to avoid wasting good food later on. And don’t shop when you’re hungry!

Borrow instead of buying

If you need something that is rarely used, try borrowing rather than buying it. For example, if you need a tool (that you likely won’t have to use again for a while), try asking a neighbor or friend instead.

Turn off the lights + TV when you’re not in the room and unplug electronics, not in use

When you leave things plugged in, you still consume electricity. So you can save electricity by unplugging electronics that aren’t in use. And of course, if you get into the habit of turning off the lights and TV when you’re not in the room anymore, then you’ll be getting into the habit of saving money. 

It’s that simple.

You don’t have to drastically change your life to already start making a difference. All of these solutions are easy and come at no extra cost (some even help you save money!). This means that anyone can start living more sustainably just by implementing a few of these ideas into their lifestyle. 

Kora believes that every small action matters and that you should even get paid for saving the planet! You can start earning Koras for your sustainable actions today by downloading our app. 

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