Helping you take the next step in your sustainability journey via employees/customers engagement to reduce Scope 3 carbon footprint.

Kora provides the technology, ease and automation for you to incentivise employees/consumers/fans to be considerate in how they commute to and from work, doing business attending matches or concerts, in a fun and engaging way.

Helping you to engage with your employees/consumers/fans in your sustainability journey

  • What is and how to measure you scope 3 carbon emissions (GHG Reporting) – We help you set your goals as a company
  • Incentivise employees/consumers/fans to change behaviours around transportation (and coming soon, energy) to lower Co2 emissions
  • Enhance engagement with your users through gamification of processes and become a truly trusted sustainable company

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Benefits as a leading company

Amplify the impact of your sustainability strategy and accelerate progress towards reducing your CO2 emissions.

Access the tools to encourage all employees/consumers/fans to become change leaders.

Support your department’s impact by making it more rewarding for them to engage in sustainability

Support commercial team to sell merchandise while offsetting their carbon footprint entirely at the point of purchase.

Enhance engagement on climate action with your employees/consumers/fans through the seamless integration of Kora within teams’ existing mobile applications. 

Kora provides you with…

  • You would have your own dashboard or API into your existing dashboard (if you have one) with scientifically based measurements pulled directly from the app
  • This can be gamified to incentivize employees/customers/fans to help hit company set goals per department/location
  • Rewards can be granted for one off experiences/goods/services for greatest carbon avoiding users

Providing transparency

Between the company and its consumers, sharing the actions  you are taking and the results that you have achieved to reduce carbon emissions, in a positive and meaningful way

Our app automatically tracks, and calculates the reduction based on actions, issuing Kora tokens that can be redeemed in the rewards-hub

KORA uniqueness, differentiation & IP

The first and only app-based ecosystem

to reward CO2 reduction of all kinds of users

Realistic CO2 reduction of 1.5ton /user

a token for verified action

1 Kora : 100g CO2 avoided

Kora’s MVP was featured by at the AppStore

this counts as a major product validity

Developing our tracking IP software

based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution

The Kora Rewards Hub – partnerships

We currently have 60 brands signed up to the Kora rewards hub ecosystem. This number is growing weekly

KORA is not another offsetting solution

Most competitors focus on offsetting schemes or top-line app engagement incentive, while Kora rewards climate actions not punishing for pollution 

Global Recognition

Official Partner of UN SDG Action Campaign 2022 & 2023