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Interview with KORA founder Gilad Regev on the upcoming app launch in July 2023

The KORA team has been very busy the last few months, creating a new version of the KORA app. Next to a brand new Design, the new version will cover more types of mobility, it is now connected to the Tezos blockchain technology and it is now much easier to create teams and communities within the app.


New to the KORA community?

Let us introduce ourselves briefly: You can call us an app, a game, a currency or a movement - we are a crazy crew who truly believe that, as a community, we can stop climate change. We created the KORA app to allow you to track your CO2 emission reductions and get paid for it! For every 100 grams of CO2 you reduce, you earn 1 KORA Token which you can spend in the KORA marketplace.

In the following we had a sit-down with KORA founder Gilad Regev and talked about what happened behind the scenes in the past months and on the KORA vision and mission for the future.


Gilad, there is a new and updated app launching at the end of July 2023 - why did you decide to give KORA a remake?

“Climate change is a complex and often intimidating issue for most individuals. At Kora, our philosophy revolves around enabling everyone to take meaningful climate action. To accomplish this, we have developed a platform that incentivizes and rewards climate-friendly behaviors.

Our primary focus is to create an app that is not only user-friendly but also enjoyable to use. We firmly believe that sustained user engagement is the key to success. Consequently, we continuously strive to enhance the app's simplicity and fun factor.

Recognizing the need for improvement, we have made the decision to redesign the app following some learnings we had with the Alpha version.
I am incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by our team. Their efforts have culminated in the development of an app that surpasses our expectations. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the new app and the positive impact it will have on our users' climate action endeavors.”


What are new features that will come with the updated app?

“The upcoming updates will introduce significant enhancements to our platform. One of the key improvements is the ability for our users to track their complete mobility experience, expanding beyond the previous recognition of only walking activities in our Alpha version.
Additionally, we are introducing team functionality to foster community growth. Users will be able to create teams, further promoting collaboration and collective climate action.
Furthermore, we have seamlessly integrated our tokens with the Tezos blockchain. This decision was motivated by the fact that Tezos technology boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. By leveraging this blockchain, we are aligning our platform with environmentally conscious practices.”


For whom is the KORA app and what are the benefits of using it?

“Kora is a platform that welcomes individuals regardless of their beliefs about climate change. Our goal is to encourage everyone to adopt healthier lifestyles that benefit both themselves and the environment, while also providing financial advantages.
Our platform offers a range of resources, incentives, and rewards to motivate and support users on their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We believe that by promoting personal and environmental well-being in tandem, we can create a positive and inclusive community that benefits everyone involved.”


What is the KORA reward hub all about?

Our platform features a reward hub where users can redeem their Kora tokens for various purposes. One option is to exchange Kora tokens for discounts on a wide range of goods and services available within the hub. This allows users to make purchases and enjoy the benefits of their sustainable efforts.

Additionally, our users have exclusive access to unique experiences that are specifically curated for Kora participants. Moreover, Kora tokens can be used to acquire digital assets, and 

Lastly, users also have the option to contribute to impactful projects by donating their Kora tokens through the reward hub. 


After so many changes and developments in the past years, globally but also internally within KORA - is the KORA vision and mission still the same?

Yes, the vision and mission of Kora are powerful and did not change over the years. 

Our mission is to create a new economy for a sustainable living, and  our vision is to create a world where people live in balance with nature.

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