The Kora Story

We’re living through the latest act of a story called Life on Earth. It will take seven billion heroes to make it end well, and there is no guarantee of success. But there is a chance.

Kora is a story about taking that chance. It’s a story about saving our planet, of empowerment, progress and reward. A story where every action counts and is counted - even the smallest ones. Where our heroes are rewarded for sustainable actions and for making changes - both big and small - that will protect our earth.

It is also a story in the making. Together with our Partners, our Kora heroes, our marketplace and our advisors, we know our story’s ending but the journey to get there is still being written…

Help us write the next chapter in our story:

Rewarding climate-positive actions

Tracking C02 reductions

Offsetting personal carbon emissions

Building marketplaces for users to trade

Individuals, companies, and organizations

Everyone’s actions matter

The Kora Story

our why

Kora exists to stop climate change.

There are things we all know we should be doing more to be sustainable. And many of us aren’t doing them. Because it’s hard, because we don’t feel like our actions matter and because there’s no immediate reward. But by rewarding climate-positive behavior, Kora will achieve the necessary change

Until now, economic growth and carbon emissions have gone together. To make money, you need to emit carbon. It’s just a fact of life. And we’re changing that fact. With Kora, you make money by emitting less carbon, not more.

Our Vision

Eight Billion Climate Heroes

Our Mission

Reward lower carbon living

Our Strategy

Empower the individual to create measurable impact & change

Our Values

Courage, Positivity, Fighting Hypocrisy, Insight, Responsibility

Protecting your privacy not just the planet

Privacy is key and we know it.

That is why we have committed to using the strongest protection and encryption systems in order to ensure the highest level of security for your data. All information gathered in Kora is fully compliant to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its privacy policy. That means that we ensure that Kora users can opt in to permit the collection of personal data and your data won’t be sold to 3rd parties. To read the long version of our privacy policy click here (add hyperlink).

Our security credentials in a nutshell:

  •   GDPR compliant
  •   User consent: users opt in and permit collection of data
  •   SSL A+ Rating
  •   Servers are located in Germany with high security (ISO27001 certificated)

Meet the Team

A crazy crew who truly believe that together we can stop climate change


Gilad Regev

Co-founder & CEO


Jaroslav Kuprijanov



Jonathan Howard



Chloé Menhinick

Head of Marketing


Ints Graveris

React Native iOS Developer


Marc Brix



Douglas Olofsson


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