The Kora Story

The Kora Story is the story of saving the planet. By empowering the individual and making every action count. Rewarding people for sustainable actions instead of punishing them for bad behavior.

Greed and self-interest have brought us to this point. And these urges are not going away any time soon. So perhaps we can use them to save the world. There are things we all know we should be doing more to be sustainable. And many of us aren’t doing them. Because it’s hard, because we don’t feel like our actions matter and because there’s no immediate reward. So by rewarding climate-positive behavior, Kora will achieve the necessary change.

  • Rewarding climate-positive actions
  • Tracking C02 reductions
  • Offsetting personal carbon emissions
  • Building marketplaces for users to trade
  • Individuals, companies, and organizations
  • Everyone’s actions matter

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.


With Kora, you make money by emitting less carbon, not more.
Until now, economic growth and carbon emissions have gone together.
To make money, you need to emit carbon. It’s just a fact of life.
And we’re changing that fact.


To create a new economy for a sustainable living


A world where people live in balance with nature


Empower the individual to create real impact and change. 


Positivity. Transparency. Honesty. 

Meet the Team

Kora Sustainability Team - Gilad
Gilad Regev
Co-founder & CEO
Aurimas Bakas
Co-founder & Product
Jaroslav Kuprijanov
Kora Sustainability Team - Jonathan
Jonathan Howard
Kora Sustainability Team - Jamie
Jamie Lee
Junior Marketing Manager
Kora Team - Shannon Hastings, Head of marketing
Shannon Hope Hastings
Head of Marketing
Kora Sustainability Team - Ints
Ints Graveris
React Native iOS Developer


Yuval 2
Yuval Stav
Monetary & Economic Advisor
Tom Preston-Werner
Growth Advisor Co-Founder of GitHub & Chatterbug
Gil Friend
Gil Friend
CEO at Natural Logic&Ex-CS at City of Palo Alto Advisers to Advisors
Glenn Yago
Blue Vault Advisor Milken Institute
Marc Brix
Advisor Brand Partnerships / Marketing Entrepreneur, Founder of Machine One & Ex-VP Mastercard Global Sponsorships
Lipton no tie face
Dr. Alexander Lipton
Monetary Policy Strategic Advisor Co-Founder at Sila Inc & Connection Science Fellow at MIT
Motti Goren

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Whatever it is, contact us now. Our team will get back to you shortly.

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